About me

20141231_152226My art is based on pure expressionism, through which I express my thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I work mostly with pure acrylic straight from the tube, creating spaces of colors and lines, defining faces or parts of figures with a mix of abstraction. It is a multidimensional world of colors, usually bright colors that join together on the surface. I work with dry brush, acrylic in paste, and oil pastels.

Since I moved to New York I have found new elements and concepts that have enriched my current artwork process. These are based on the dynamic world creation (outer and inner forces) that conform our structure as humans and as part of the universe. Artists as the creators and generators of life, creating new patterns that change our life and level of awareness.

I feel that there are infinite ways of creation and making art. Artists from the past that have influenced my art process, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Maurice de Vlaminck, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, George Baselitz among others, and Dante Montich who was my teacher and it is considered one of the references  on the expressionist movement in Cordoba, Argentina and abroad.