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Artworks are my thoughts and feelings, my emotions and inspiration. Paintings are the way I do art but it is not the only. I see images in everywhere, while I am walking, while I am dreaming, while I am awake and just thinking.

Art is a way of love…

When I create, the sense of time disappears, mostly when I forget what I am doing and I feel the intense connection with the materials and creativity, sometimes are seconds, sometimes minutes, sometimes is more…

When you feel the passion you can’t think about selling or not… You do what you feel mainly according to your nature. People are the center of my feelings, and faces are what I can see more. When I see something I can’t see the whole, I just see the face, or parts of the body, I see or I feel some emotion and I can contemplate secretly something non evident in general, but I can feel the whole through creativity…that is my way.

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