Self-portrait Projects

My self-portraits are an excuse to portrait the human being essence having the possibility to experiment by and with myself exploring different kind of resources of human being nature crossing the limits of emotions and feelings behind of the formality of the social and daily portraits exhibited everywhere.

It is also a way to look for my identity born in a multicultural country of the extreme part of South America with a cold winter,  huge land extensions without people and different languages and races  as part of a society of immigrants as my country Argentina is.

Through my DNA portraits I pretend and expect  to see and show how all the inheritance we have can emerge through a picture in different situations and how in each of the portraits we can see our identity changing one day to another day  and how it can be a reflection of a mirror in other people’s lives who are also playing roles in our life and how all together are part of a common place which is  named society as : more than one , family, community, city, province, country .

All is energy and the energy is exchangeable all the time, thoughts, feelings emotions defining the human as a human, it is the energy that comes one to another which can modify portraits itself just for a moment, just for our entire life.