Rebirth Of The Angel

The Rebirth It is inspired by the angel we all have inside and need to be awakened to feel the universal love for everybody.

It is an energy I started feeling upon my arrival to Spanish American Institute and meeting so diverse people from all over the worldI could understand that was not a casualty but something was happening right there, something like a special energy connected to our souls working together for a big purpose. It was then when I realized that, aware or not, we all feel in a moment that we have a mission to develop, and the moment started there, not before or after. It was there and it is still there… It is mostly something related to your soul and the other souls working together.

It is a gigantic love I felt like a radiant energy that was impersonal and universal, and then related more to certain people who are strongly connected to my life and the energy through our life path.

I want to show you my art process that is one of the ways I found to tell you my story here. I hope it is not the end of it.

Enjoy it!

Anna Desiree
the art